Recycled Island Foundation

Project Overview


Client Background

Recycled Island Foundation recycles plastic debris found floating in rivers in order to create floating hexagon platforms to host marine ecosystems.


  • Create a Modern + Cohesive Look for Recycled Island Foundation that reflects their bold and innovative approach. 

  • Establish Support + Enthusiasm for the innovative concept of floating parks through informative materials. 

Deliverables + Media

  • Logo Files + Identity System 

  • Basic Stationery Kit 

  • Email Newsletter

  • Simple Website

Iconography + Illustration

To create a full visual of the inter-workings of the recycled parks, I planned to create a series of isometric illustrations. 

Isometric illustrations reflect a blend of function and aesthetic which mimics that of the recycled parks. 

Website Design

Social Media
Lex Bair        Seattle, WA