Lex Bair         hello@lexbair.com        Seattle, WA

Recycled Island Foundation

Project Overview


Client Background

Recycled Island Foundation recycles plastic debris found floating in rivers in order to create floating hexagon platforms to host marine ecosystems.


  • Create a Modern + Cohesive Look for Recycled Island Foundation that reflects their bold and innovative approach. 

  • Establish Support + Enthusiasm for the innovative concept of floating parks through informative materials. 

Deliverables + Media

  • Logo Files + Identity System 

  • Basic Stationery Kit 

  • Email Newsletter

  • Simple Website

Iconography + Illustration

To create a full visual of the inter-workings of the recycled parks, I planned to create a series of isometric illustrations. 

Isometric illustrations reflect a blend of function and aesthetic which mimics that of the recycled parks. 

Website Design

Social Media