Girl Rising

Creative Brief

The oppression of women is common in multiple countries around the world today. Withholding a basic education from girls is the path of least resistance for patriarchal societies in order to take away their potential skills, power, and voices.


The purpose of this infographic is to display the incredible lack of education girls around the world face and the negative effects correlating with denial of basic human rights and education. 



People who are unaware of the gender based inequality in education around the world and their effects on a country's development.



The delivery is intended to be informative, but not overwhelming. This info graphic will inspire viewers to take action and support education equity. 



In order to maintain the branded image of Girl Rising, I referenced their style guide for colors, fonts, and stylistic choices in background images. 

The layout and overall execution stemmed from several examples of strong, impactful infographics. They focused heavily on striking photography and used bold colors and fonts to display statistics. 



Girl Rising also provides an educational PDF packet that includes an organized collection of global statistics for each part of the documentary. Using this resource, I was able to focus on creating visuals to pair with the information. 

Lex Bair        Seattle, WA