Creative Brief

This campaign was intended to run as a counteraction to Trump's executive orders of the first travel ban. The goal is to post a series of photos for each day of the initial moratorium featuring new immigrants and first generation Americans in order to bring attention to the communities at risk under Trump’s orders.



To humanize immigrants and their descendants living in the United States to combat ignorance and bigotry instigated by racial and religious fear mongering.



Americans who have fallen subject to these political tactics and become targets of hate speech, and Americans who have been misinformed and lead to believe that the immigrant community is dangerous.



This campaign is rooted in solidarity, empathy, compassion, and determined resistance to divisive scare tactics and hatred.

Logo Design


The logo created for Diaspora, UNfiltered is a simple typographic logo. It is strong, polished, and was designed to be included in the featured photography of the campaign. 

Color System

The branded illustrations come from the same style I used for an Intersectional Sisterhood series prepared for Women's History Month.


The illustrations feature stylized portraits of immigrants and first generation Americans to set this community as the face of the campaign, as they are using it to tell their stories.

Flyer Design

The kick off of Diaspora, UNfiltered required marketing materials to gain participants of the campaign. Two flyers, an English and Spanish version, were created to be distributed in print format as well as shared on Facebook.

Social Media

A small series of social media posts was created to introduce the campaign to potential participants and target audience. Cohesive use of vibrant brand colors helped establish mood and attract viewers.

Lex Bair         hello@lexbair.com        Seattle, WA