Aeon Neue



Since 1995, AIS has hosted the largest student run fashion show in the Pacific Northwest. It is a well-established, highly reputable show that follows national industry standards and is judged by a panel of industry experts. Every year the Fashion Marketing Committee puts forth exceptional effort in researching colors, trends, silhouettes and the influential cultural themes for the spring and fall collections of working designers.


Our goal is to team with AiS designers to create garments that evoke sentiments of the efforts of the Millennial Generation. Aeon Neue Fashion is a visual representation of the bold, creative minds of this generation and the strides we are taking to make our own out of the world around us. 

Poster + Flyers


Photographer: T Parker

Stylist and Coordinator: Mika Van Fossen

Models: Carly Dennessen, Hannah Kuhlmann

Garment Designers: Erin Chen, Austin Crider

Lex Bair        Seattle, WA
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